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Photography. Through passion comes great success, and that is exactly what Cristian Rubén aims for. Cristian's ability to present his subjects through photography is truly captivating and his work speaks for itself. His love and dedication to his craft has led him to many opportunities over time but his proudest moment was Co-founding the Animal Rescue Project. The process of the project and the beginning stages of final production has given him a new purpose to photography.

His genuine love for animals made it easy to make the decision to go forward with the Animal Rescue Project and create a foundation for those who rescue, to share their stories through his photographs. He is eager to continue the project and in turn reach all 50 states documenting the stories of 50+ animals who were saved by heroic loving individuals. Each and every story shared will be treated with care as they are photographed highlighting what makes them all different.

Join Cristian in spreading animal rescue awareness while sharing his talent one state at a time. Your contributions and support will surely make a difference.



Art. Anything art related such as; music, dance, painting, drawing, photography, creative directing, styling, makeup, hairstyling, interior design, visual art the list goes on and on has been what Ariana lives for. Ariana's love for art led her straight to what later would become her first role as Co-Founder & Creative Director of the Animal Rescue Project.

Aside from Art, Ariana has always found happiness in the company of animals. Growing up and as an adult she enjoyed her pet parrot, pit bull, chihuahua, pug, pekingese, Yorkie, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, fish and even hermit crabs. No worries, they were pets she cared for over time. Today, Ariana enjoys the company of her 3 dogs and couldn't love them more. The inspiration behind the Animal Rescue Project stemmed from her compassion towards animals. She decided that she wanted to see more happy stories displayed across the screens when discussing animal rescue. Spreading positivity of success stories instead of highlighting the negative would make for a much better topic. Why not share her talent and skills all the while pay it forward to those who have rescued with a professional documented photoshoot by Cristian Rubén. Positive, happy & inspirational stories need to be seen and heard more often and the Animal Rescue Project's goal is to do just that, one state at a time.

Help Ariana and the team make a difference while doing what they love.

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God."

-Leo Buscaglia