Founders of the Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project with News 6 Orlando


After 4 states and 12 rescue stories we were blessed with the opportunity to share our Non-Profit, Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project on News 6 Orlando. Our team has put in countless hours of work and dedication into making our vision with this project come to life. Thankfully News 6 believed in our projects mission and gave us the same platform we give our rescue stories to showcase what we have accomplished thus far, as well as give us a chance to explain for ourselves, why the Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project is so important to us. We hope that anyone who visits our website takes the time to watch our interview as well as the rescue stories completed to get a full understanding of our mission.

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-Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project Team

Sarah Oliphant


Animal Rescue Project

Oliphant Studio, New York

Sarah Oliphant, well known for her hand painted backdrops is no stranger to animal rescue. Her genuine love for animals led her to Elsa and Strider. A typical day at the studio isn't complete without the company of either one. There, in the studio they are free to lounge, play and eat while enjoying the daily visitors who drop in to say hello. Managing a career and family all the while being available to Elsa and Strider shows great character and strength. We admire Sarah for her talent but most importantly we applaud her for taking on the responsibility of rescuing with such ease and tenderness. Its truly a blessing for Sarah to be able to provide her talent while enjoying family everyday.  Sarah's support towards the Animal Rescue Project is profound and we are so thankful she provided us with the opportunity to showcase her rescue story. 


Florida Rescue Farm

Animal Rescue Project

Duette, Florida

The Florida Rescue Farm is a sanctuary that embodies the meaning of love & commitment. From cows, to goats, to chickens, pigs & more this safe haven for farm animals made us so proud to live amongst human beings who truly understand the meaning of life. We are so grateful to the Florida Rescue Farm family for allowing us to document the environment in which these animals thrive and live freely everyday. These are the rescue stories that will help us inspire individuals to go out and make a difference in the lives of animals however they can. The Cristian Ruben Animal Rescue Project team is ever forever thankful to have been given the opportunity to share The Florida Rescue Farms story.


Redland Rockpit Abandoned Dogs Project


Animal Rescue Project

Miami, FL

Where do we begin? The Redland Rockpit Abandoned Dogs Project are a group of women who have dedicated their time for the greater good of abandoned dogs in their community. They have saved the lives of so many dogs and for that nothing compares. We are so grateful to have been able to spend time with this wonderful group of human beings, to get an idea of what part of their dog feeding routine is like. Its no wonder they are greatly appreciated and loved by so many. It was our pleasure to highlight their mission in addition to our series of rescue stories. Spreading animal rescue awareness can be done in countless ways. Redland’s service to their community and abandoned dogs is a perfect example of selfless devotion.


Mina’s Mini Farm


Animal Rescue Project

Miami, Florida

Visiting this wonderful animal sanctuary proved again like every rescue story that it takes a great heart, dedication, lots of patience and support to care for animals who have been through unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully Mina's farm is shown a great amount of support from people all over the world who are inspired by the responsibility she has taken on. Our team is so proud of the ongoing work Mina’s Mini Farm puts into the well being of their animals.Rescue stories such as this one inspire people to make a difference in the life of 1 or maybe a 100+ given the ability and time to do so. Thanks to the great team at Mina’s farm the animals here will thrive and live their absolute best lives!


Gregg, Daisy & Daphne


Animal Rescue Project

West Palm Beach, FL

Gregg and his girls Daisy & Daphne are the happiest family. Having someone like Gregg who is patient and genuinely loving towards his own family of dogs as well as the environment he helps preserve for sea turtles exemplifies what being a rescue parent is. We are so thankful to have someone like Gregg who cares for animals in general and makes the time to take care of the environment in which sea turtles are born into. Each of our rescue stories are unique and special in their own way and it can be very difficult at times to choose a story to document. When we came across Greggs story and his experience with animal rescue we knew we had to have it as an addition to our series of rescue stories. Thank you Gregg for being so inspiring.




Animal Rescue Project

Orlando, FL

Hector and his family of Parrots have been blessed with one another for sure! Hectors love for his Parrots is evident as he takes them on bike rides through International Drive for tourists and Florida natives to enjoy. Life with a rescued animal is so much sweeter and Hector has given his Parrots the life they may have never received had he not come to their rescue. We are so happy to have Hector and his family of Parrots as an addition to our series of rescue stories. Love comes in all shades, shapes and sizes aren’t we all lucky to find love in the company of our animals!


Brandon T & C


Animal Rescue Project

Miami, FL

We are so proud to have found a family who not only has rescued animals but also contributes to animal rescue awareness by donating funds raised to animals in need through making animal treats. Rescue stories such as Brandon’s, has inspired us even more to continue our mission. Knowing that that their are children who have a deep love and connection to raising rescue awareness proves that the only way to improve the issues that communities around the U.S have with animal abandonment is to educate our youth. Brandon has been blessed with knowledge on the importance of animal rescue and has taken the steps he is comfortable with to do his part. We are so thankful to Brandon and his family for setting a very valuable example for themselves and the public.


John, Tater & Pete


Animal Rescue Project


We are thankful to have had the opportunity to cover Joh’s rescue story during the holiday season. It was surely a cold one but we gained a whole new appreciation for the daily work it takes to run a farm. 
Johns story serves as a highlight to the many hardworking individuals who put their entire heart into saving the lives of defenseless animals. Not only does he rescue he makes sure that they live a comfortable and fulfilling life.